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RFC 1035 - Domain names - implementation and specification
RFC 1035 Domain Implementation and Specification November 1987 3.2.5. QCLASS values 13 3.3. Standard RRs 13 3.3.1. CNAME RDATA format 14 3.3.2. HINFO RDATA format 14 3.3.3. MB RDATA format (EXPERIMENTAL) 14 3.3.4.
RFC 1034 - Domain names - concepts and facilities - IETF Tools
This RFC introduces domain style names, their use for Internet mail and host address support, and the protocols and servers used to implement domain name facilities. 2.1. The history of domain names. The impetus for the development of the ...
RFC 6761 - Special-Use Domain Names - IETF Tools
Special-Use Domain Names. Abstract This document describes what it means to say that a Domain Name (DNS name) is reserved for special use, when reserving such a name ...
RFC 883 - Domain names: Implementation specification - IETF Tools
This memo assumes that the reader is familiar with | | RFC 882, "Domain Names - Concepts and Facilities" | | which discusses the basic principles of domain | | names and their use. | | | | The algorithms and internal data structures used in | | this ...
RFC 2606 - Reserved Top Level DNS Names - IETF Tools
The global Internet Domain Name System is documented in [RFC 1034, 1035, 1591] and numerous additional Requests for Comment. It defines a tree of names starting with root, ".", immediately below which are top level domain names such  ...
RFC 2929 - Domain Name System (DNS) IANA Considerations
Abstract Internet Assigned Number Authority (IANA) parameter assignment considerations are given for the allocation of Domain Name System (DNS) classes, Resource Record (RR) types, operation codes, error codes, etc. Table of Contents ...
RFC 1035 - IETF
DOMAIN NAME SPACE AND RR DEFINITIONS 10 3.1. Name space definitions 10 3.2. RR definitions 11 3.2.1. Format 11 3.2.2. TYPE values 12 3.2.3. QTYPE values 12 3.2.4. CLASS values 13 Mockapetris [Page 1] RFC 1035 Domain ...
RFC 1034: Domain Names - Concepts and Facilities - IETF
This RFC is an introduction to the Domain Name System (DNS), and omits many details which can be found in a companion RFC, "Domain Names - Implementation and Specification" [RFC-1035]. That RFC assumes that the reader is familiar ...
Domain Name System - Wikipedia
The parent zone ceases to be authoritative for the new zone. Domain name syntax, internationalization. The definitive descriptions of the rules for forming domain names appear in RFC ...
About DNS (RFC 1034 - RFC 1035) - Domain Name System | Joinup
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About DNS (RFC 1034 - RFC 1035) - Domain Name System. Permalink. The Domain Name System (DNS) is a hierarchical decentralized naming system for computers, services, or any resource connected to the Internet or a private network.