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Suunto DM5 Support
https://www.suunto.com/Support/software-support/dm ...
With Suunto DM5 you can easily create dive plans and analyze your dives. If you have Suunto EON Steel or EON Core, you can also customize and update your dive computer with Suunto DM5.
What can I do if DM5 does not recognize my Suunto dive computer?
https://www.suunto.com/Support/faq-articles/dm5/wh ...
If your Suunto dive computer is not recognized by DM5, the following steps may resolve the problem: 1. Connect your dive computer to your PC using the supplied Suunto USB cable. Connect to a USB port that is integrated into your computer.
DM5 FAQ - Suunto
https://www.suunto.com/Support/software-support/dm ...
DM5. Browse through these FAQs to find answers to commonly raised questions. ... How do I customize dive modes and displays for EON Steel and EON Core in DM5? ... What can I do if DM5 does not recognize my Suunto dive computer?
Features - Customize dive modes with DM5 - Suunto EON Core
https://www.suunto.com/Support/Product-support/suu ...
Customize dive modes with DM5. You can customize Suunto EON Core views and features with Suunto DM5. Create up to 10 different dive modes with up to four custom views each. Watch the video on YouTube. To customize Suunto EON  ...
How to create a dive plan in Suunto DM5?
https://www.suunto.com/Support/faq-articles/suunto ...
Creating a dive plan with Suunto DM5, may help you understand how a specific personal setting will influence your dive profile.
Suunto D5 - Features - Suunto DM5
https://www.suunto.com/Support/Product-support/suu ...
Suunto DM5. The Suunto DM5 software program allows you to track and analyze all of your dive logs and plan your future dives. With DM5 you can customize your Suunto D5 and update the device firmware. Download Suunto DM5 from ...
Use - How to customize dive modes with DM5 - Suunto D5
https://www.suunto.com/Support/Product-support/suu ...
How to customize dive modes with DM5. To customize Suunto D5: Download and install Suunto DM5 from http://www.suunto.com/DM5. Connect your Suunto D5 to a computer with a USB cable. In the devices window, select Suunto D5.
Suunto DM5 - Movescount.com
Suunto DM5は、ダイブログ管理、次のダイブの計画、および友人と記録をシェアする ためのMovescount.comへのダイブMoveのアップロードを行うソフトウェアです。
Suunto D5 - How to customize dive views with Suunto DM5 - YouTube
Mar 26, 2019 ... DM5 is Suunto's desktop software to customize and update the firmware of your dive computer. DM5 offers various customization options for Suunto D5. This vid.. .