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Object storage. Ceph provides seamless access to objects using native language bindings or radosgw (RGW), a REST interface that's compatible with applications written for S3 and Swift. Read more ...
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In computing, Ceph is a free-software storage platform, implements object storage on a single distributed computer cluster, and provides interfaces for object-, block- and file-level storage. Ceph aims primarily for completely distributed ...
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To better understand how our current users utilize Ceph, we conducted a public community survey. Please ... Ceph provides a POSIX-compliant network file system (CephFS) that aims for high performance, large data storage, and maximum ...
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Ceph Object Store. RESTful Interface. S3- and Swift-compliant APIs. S3-style subdomains. Unified S3/Swift namespace. User management. Usage tracking. Striped objects. Cloud solution integration. Multi-site deployment. Multi-site replication ...
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The Ceph Storage Cluster is the foundation for all Ceph deployments. Based upon RADOS , Ceph Storage Clusters consist of two types of daemons: a Ceph OSD Daemon (OSD) stores data as objects on a storage node; and a Ceph Monitor ...
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Whether you want to provide Ceph Object Storage and/or Ceph Block Device services to Cloud Platforms, deploy a Ceph File System or use Ceph for another purpose, all Ceph Storage Cluster deployments begin with setting up each Ceph  ...
Red Hat Ceph Storage
https://www.redhat.com/en/technologies/storage/cep ...
Red Hat Ceph Storage delivers software-defined storage on your choice of industry-standard hardware. With block, object, and file storage combined into 1 platform, Red Hat Ceph Storage efficiently and automatically manages all your data.
Council on Education for Public Health: Home
Council on Education for Public Health. An independent agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education to accredit schools of public health, and public health programs outside schools of public health. 1010 Wayne Avenue, Suite 220
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Ceph - a scalable distributed storage system. Please see http://ceph.com/ for current info. Contributing Code. Most of Ceph is dual licensed under the LGPL version 2.1 or 3.0. Some miscellaneous code is under BSD-style license or is public ...
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Ceph Object Gateway is an object storage interface built on top of librados to provide applications with a RESTful gateway to Ceph Storage Clusters. Ceph Object Storage supports two interfaces: S3-compatible: Provides object storage ...